Happy Independence Day

Yesterday, I joined the Hyde Park Democratic Committee and marched in the spirited Hyde Park Independence Day parade. How special to be walking through the hometown of FDR. I feel I am carryingboth his and Eleanor’s legacies: FDR was the last Democrat to hold the State Senate seat I am running for. When nominated, he said, “ I accept this nomination with absolute independence. I am pledged to no man; I am influenced by no special interest.” How well put! I, too, am committed to remaining independent minded when I get to Albany.

Today, I’m going to Fishkill for the reading of the Declaration of Independence. The Fishkill Supply Depot played a key role in the Revolutionary War and was visited many times by General George Washington. I’ll also be visiting Poughkeepsie’s Mt. Carmel farmers market and the Beacon farmers market. Local farmers continue to be a vital part of our regional economy.

Enjoy your holiday weekend with family and friends.

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